In-venue mobile ordering for your restaurant.

Turn your guest’s phone into an ordering platform. Make better use of your space, increase profits and level-up your service.
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How does it work?

1. Setup menu

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Upload your menu’s information, such as the names, descriptions and prices for all your dishes and drinks.

2. Place QR targets

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Create branded QR codes that you can place on tables and waiting areas. These "ordering targets" make your menu easy to access on-premise.

3. Fulfill orders

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With your mobile-optimized interactive menu and ordering targets ready, you will receive in-venue orders at a tablet terminal, where you can process them.

Guests will love ordering anytime, anywhere

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Improve your service

Serve your guests better and increase ticket sizes.

Easy to order: Guests can scan a QR code or NFC tag, browse your menu, and order right from their table.

Works with your POS: Sweetstack works alongside with your existing POS. All POS systems are supported.

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Increase profits

Reduce your labor costs: Cover the floor with fewer servers provide better hospitality and increase ticket sizes.

Increase tips: Covering more tables means servers can take home more tips at the end of their shifts.

Provide faster service: Guests can start ordering as soon as they sit down, allowing you to turn tables faster.

photo of friends eating at a restaurant

Better use of your space

Expand your reach: Strategically place "ordering targets" in hard-to-staff locations like a patio or a backyard without having to hire more staff.

Let guests roam: Not being physically close to the bar or kitchen shouldn't keep guests from ordering. Open up your layout to the possibilities of ordering anywhere.

Some of our favorite features...

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Customizable menu

Need to change your menu? No problem. Edit anything about your menu 24/7. Every in-venue ordering target is always up to date.

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Mobile-friendly ordering

Your menu and ordering platform are optimized for smartphones. Turn your guest’s phone into an in-venue ordering platform, no app required.

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No app download required

Guests order directly from your online menu on their phones. No need to to download an app or create an account before ordering.

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Custom signage

Create branded QR codes that you can place on tables and waiting areas. These "ordering targets" make your menu easy to access.

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Works with your POS

Sweetstack works with your pre-existing hardware & software setup. It plugs into your existing way of doings things.

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Running a restaurant, bar, or other hospitality business gets harder every year. We’re changing the way guests engage with your staff, your space and ultimately your business. Find out more about Sweetstack's in-venue mobile ordering solution.

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